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Proposal is one of the most daunting steps in process of dissertation writing. Not only for the student with average writing skills, but for the ones who have some know-how of their selected dissertation proposal topic and writing process. Keep in mind that it requires complete dedication of individual and proper planning to move forward.

Why to present a dissertation proposal?

The foremost reason for dissertation proposal writing is to create a road map to your main task. It is somehow a settlement between supervisor and you that you are ready to deal with the major writing task and will put all your efforts to get it completed within the time limit and just waiting for the approval of proposal. It explains your supervisor with all your objectives and concerns. It makes out your plans and gives an opportunity to the supervisor to agree with your planning and if supervisor finds some potential in your plans, he/she will definitely allow you to initiate with the main work or else will disapprove it. Keep in mind to get dissertation proposal samples to get ideas about structure as acquiring dissertation proposal examples is one of the finest ways to get dissertation proposal help because they provide great instructions to format and give ideas to include the right contents at right spots.

Here are some guidelines to write a dissertation proposal.


The opening of this task should get competed within 4 pages or it may not go beyond 5 pages. In this part, you are required to introduce the main problem that you will be discussing and grab the attention of reader towards the material. It is certainly best to start with positive sentence than to initiate with complex concepts. You may start the work by highlighting common issues of study or with anything else but keep in mind that it should be effective and positive.

Literature Review

This project ought to locate the literature in contractedly. You should avoid broader terms in this task and make use of them in main task. This is very well related with the importance of your research findings. For example, the discussion section usually shows what is previously known and how your work will fill the existing research gaps. Make sure to highlight methodological issues of the past research work.


Remember, first-class work is always a sign of a comprehensible research plan that includes methods and sources of data collection. You need to understand overall importance of research work and how important it is to collect data through reliable sources. The main research techniques, sources for primary and secondary data collection and overall plan of research should be presented.

Future Hints & Scheduling

You need to present the overview of how your main work will be structured. You can highlight main chapters in outline form and you can also write short paragraph about the matter you are planning to include in those chapters. Be sensible in projecting the time and resources and keep the things achievable by asking satisfactory amount of time to complete the major task.


You may desire to add an extensive bibliography section but keep in mind that there is no need to enlarge this section. You just need to give references of the utilised sources.

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